Saturday, October 12, 2013

Relief Society General Meeting 2013

My mom got tickets for the General Relief Society meeting for her, my sisters and I. Only Mom, Elizabeth, Sarah, and I were able to go, but it was so amazing!!!

I was so excited that Elizabeth came. She has been my partner in crime on more than one occasion. She's leaving in a couple weeks for her mission to Wisconsin! I can't believe she's old enough to be doing this. But she is and I couldn't be more proud! 

It was such a gorgeous day in Salt Lake! The days before had been so cold and it snowed at my mom's house! 

My wonderful mom and I. Seriously. This is one incredible lady. Her love and grace are incredible and unconditional. I'm so grateful for the example she has set for me all of my life and for the awesome grandma she is to my kids!!  

The three sisters! Sarah (on the left) is my only sibling that's married. She's pregnant with her first little boy!!! I'm so excited to have a nephew of my own!! (2 of Dustin's sisters have little boys, but it's so different for it to be MY sister!!) (Yes, I know it's blurry... Sorry. :/)

It really was such a great day! From trying to kill zombie flies in the car, waiting in line forever at Kneaders for lunch, eating the best salad of my life, laughing at the thousands of women that were everywhere we turned (not really laughing AT them. Just that there were SOOOO many!!!!), hashtagreliefsociety, bawling like a baby while trying to sing the songs, fantastic talks about giving service and sharing ourselves and our time, being uplifted and inspired to do good and share good and be good. It was all so much fun. I really hope that we can do this again and again!!!

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