Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes

Last year (2012), my kids decided that they wanted to be Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. I was all for it!
Hello, fun costumes? That totally go together? That I could make? Yes, please!!!
I think this is the best picture of the two of them together that I got. Yes, I realize it’s horrible.
So, we moved to the back yard.
The lighting was a little better back here. And by the magic of photo editing, I think it looks a million times better. No bright sunset anyway.
Lets start with little miss Tink, okay? Maycie was so excited.
She has such a fairy attitude, happy, flitting and flying all over. It was perfect for her.
I didn’t really use a certain tutorial for her costume. The tutu is a separate piece, just tulle tied on a crocheted headband. The wings are from the dollar store and were too big to fit her shoulders well. I eventually safety pinned them to her shoulders so they weren’t flopping all over. But they were the perfect Tinkerbell wings, and for $1, I wasn’t complaining! Well, not much. ;)
I was slightly inspired by this costume, but I just measured Maycie and kind of did what I wanted. The back ended up off center for some reason, but I figured with her wings on and with her running around, it really didn’t matter. I just used some grommets for the back and laced some ribbon through. I love it! (Oh, the very back petal has velcro to hold it to the other side, so it opens up to make it easier to get dressed)
Hand down, my favorite part of her costume was her shoes. Gah!!!! They still make me happy. (Sorry they’re dirty. She was climbing on the slide which was apparently filthy from all the fall wind!)
(They are currently old and tattered and the paint is all flakey, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away. They were so cute! Maycie says we’re saving them for our baby. No, I’m not pregnant. For someday I suppose.)
The shoes were white before and had a flower on top. I ripped the flower off, stuffed them with paper towels, and taped off the soles with painters tape. I sprayed them with some bright green (called Eden by Rustoleum). After that had dried, I sprayed them with some glitter spray paint (Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint in Diamond Dust). I think I actually did 2 coats of glitter. I wanted these babies SPARKLY!!!
When they were all dry, I just hot glued the white marabou puffs on the top. Ta-da! Perfect Tinkerbell shoes!!
On to my little Peter Pan! I was so excited that he chose this. He is such a boy and I think his personality was a perfect fit. I don’t know if I told him to pose like this, but it makes me laugh! He rarely holds still, so I’m just glad I have any pictures of him!
I used this tutorial as the base for his shirt and for his hat (and kind of the belt and sword). I didn’t cut his shirt up the back and I added a collar. I also knew he would want to play with his sword, so it’s not attached at all, just stuck in the belt. His pants are just green leggings from the girl’s section at Wal-Mart. He doesn’t know that. I don’t plan to tell him.
I was right. This was his favorite part (I think part of the fun was that he got to help me make it too!). I used a few layers of white felt (3 maybe?) for the blade and just sewed through them all. Then I painted it with silver fabric paint. The handle is just 2 layers of felt that I slid the blade between and sewed around the whole piece. I also sewed the name PETER into the handle to give it a little more detail.
I tied a few thin strips of felt around the handle too.
I also made him some little shoe covers. They were kind of horribly made and I completely winged it when I made them. But they were a fun finishing touch.
I’m so glad I took a few decent pictures of these. They were my favorite costumes I’ve made so far (and they’re heading to Florida for my cousin’s kids to use them again this year. Yay!!!). Jayden has requested a puppy for this year and Maycie has had a million ideas, but I imagine a princess will be the one that wins. And I have big plans for them too.
Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. These are cute! That little sword is a great idea.