Saturday, January 5, 2013

Word To Live By: DO

The last time I blogged was almost a year ago. A year! It’s so dumb, because every time I do a project, I think about how it would look in a blog post. How I would stage the pictures. What I would say about it. But it never happens.
Part of my extended leave was because I’m completely intimidated by blogging sometimes. My photography skills leave much to be desired. I do most of my crafting at night and the lights in our house are awful, so to take pictures while I’m making something drives me crazy. They never look right, no matter how much I mess with them in editing. I have a secret dream in my heart to be a good photographer. I don’t care about being great, but I do want to be decent (I’m working on this. I got an awesome new camera and even took a photography class!!!). And it has been hard for me to put mediocre pictures up for others to see.
Another thing that I tend to do is compare myself to other mama-bloggers. I know it’s dumb, and I try not to, but it still happens. Some ladies seem to have everything together, new projects every day, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous homes, the perfect words to say. It’s intimidating!
I had to take a major step back last year and realize that I have 2 little kids. They are my main concern, my job. My husband’s work hours are difficult on us, to say the least. He is gone a lot. We see him every day, but usually for only a couple hours (I’m not complaining. I’m incredibly grateful for his job and that I can stay home with our kids. But we miss him.). It’s hard to get much done beyond a bit of cleaning and cooking while keeping an eye on my munchkins.
The last reason I haven’t blogged or done much of anything beyond the necessary was because I have been sick. A lot. Like stomach aches almost every night for months. I didn’t quite realize how often I was sick until Dustin pointed it out to me. I went to the Dr. and we did way too many tests and tried a couple meds and determined it was my gall bladder (even though there were not really any definite signs that something was wrong. Irritating!). I just had surgery last week and I guess my gall bladder was all scarred up. The Dr. said it looked like it had been giving me problems for a while. Yeah.
SOOOOooooo, I’m back now. Feeling much better, thank goodness.
I’ve been really inspired by all the bloggers picking a word for the year instead of making a bunch of resolutions. One word to work on. Sounds easy enough. And so I introduce you to my word for 2013:
This year I want to DO! Do service. Do fun things for my kids. Do special things for my husband. Do the projects I think of instead of just thinking. Do good. Do my best. Do more. Do. DO. DO!
Dear Yoda said it best.
Do or don't
(Jayden is loving Star Wars right now. I’m not complaining one bit.)
I spend so much time thinking of things I want to do. I have things that keep me from doing sometimes, but this year, I’ll do my best to DO anyway.
I’m really excited about it. I mean, unless I sit on my bum all day every day, I can’t fail. I have to do things every day. I’ll do them. And sometimes I’ll do more, do extra things.
I started a board on Pinterest of all the “DO” quotes that inspire me. I plan to add to it every time I find one. You can find my “Do” board here.
If you made it all the way through this, thank you. Dustin was reading over my shoulder for a minute and commented on how I really go all out writing for my blog. It made me laugh because it’s entirely untrue, except for today. I had a lot to say, for me and to me. And way too many excuses. ;)
Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

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  1. Hi cousin! I thought this was well spoken and eloquent. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, although glad you are feeling better. I hope to see more cuteness from you!