Saturday, April 6, 2013


So, obviously my "doing" more this year hasn't included blogging, but I've found plenty more to do.

Instagram is pretty much my favorite thing ever. (Follow me @lilmellomama!) I post pictures of most of the projects I work on there. And since our computer is in the shop, you get some pictures from my phone. Goll, you're so lucky! (This is also my first time posting from my phone, so we'll see how it goes...)

This awesome navy and yellow knit fabric was $1 a yard and Walmart. I bought the whole bolt. Plus some. And sent some to my newest IG friend. :) Hi Annie!!! I can't wait to whip up a maxi skirt and whatever else my little heart desires. I have plenty of fabric after all.

The next few are just some random pictures from our Spring so far. Giant, delicious strawberries. Fires in the back yard. A trip to the zoo. The 3 bags of Cadbury eggs Dustin brought me when I asked him to get me one bag. Love that man. My hips don't though. And I had to speak in church last week. Easter Sunday. I survived, barely. Hopefully it really was a decent talk and all the nice things people said to me after weren't lies. ;)

Happy Spring!!! I'm so ready for it, though I'm sure we still have more snow in store. Gotta love the crazy Utah weather!

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