Monday, February 27, 2012

Angry Birds Suckers

Jayden is borderline obsessed with Angry Birds. He talks about the game constantly and begs to play it about a million times a day. Luckily, Dustin is hooked on it too, so they play together. It’s so cute to hear Jayden say “Oh Dad, that was some good damage!”. Boys! {Insert eye roll here}
When we were at the grocery store about a month ago, Jayden saw the Angry Birds boxed valentines from like 100 feet away. I don’t know how he recognized it from so far away, but I knew there was no talking him out of them. I really wanted to make his valentines to take to preschool, so I came up with something to go with his Angry Birds cards:
(I finished them the night before his school party and the light in our living room is awful… Sorry the pictures are so sad!)
I was inspired by these suckers from Brassy Apple. Jayden loves the black birds, so I knew that just the red and yellow wouldn’t cut it. Instead of piecing their faces together, I used this template. It’s supposed to be for balloons, but I printed it at 3in x 5in and it was the perfect size for my birds.
I just folded some cardstock in half and traced my shapes (I free-handed the egg and triangle. I traced the inside of a roll of painters tape for the circles). I made sure to overlap my shape over the fold just a bit so that it could fold right over the sucker. After I cut them out, I put a little adhesive(I used my glue runner) on each side and put the suckers inside.
I used my glue runner to attach all the face pieces as well. After I had the suckers all finished, I just slid the sticks into the cards and stapled it so they didn’t slide off.
Jayden was so excited the next morning when he saw them. He gave me a big hug and said “Thanks for making my Angry Bird suckers, Mom!”. It’s nice to be appreciated. :)
Here they are, all finished. I think these could be great favors for a party, not just for Valentines. They were so easy but they look like they really took some time. I spent less than 2 hours on all of them, including figuring out the shapes and sizes that would work.
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  1. Angry birds are so fun, but these are so cute! They would be great for a birthday party!!!
    I would like to invite you to the project party... you can link this up if you want or any of your projects:
    Hope you can come!

  2. HA!! Now these are just too funny! I love Angry Birds too! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!