Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playing a little catch-up

Hey lovies! What's the deal with life getting all crazy? Lol, I do it to myself, but I kind of love staying busy. I'm sorry my blog has taken such a backseat lately. I just realized how completely behind I really am.

So, there really is a reason for my busy-ness. I finally opened my etsy shop!!! Hooray! It's called Max & Maycie and you should go check it out! There's also a link on my left sidebar to go "like" Max & Maycie on facebook. You should do that too. :)

I LOVE that I've been able to share all my creations. I've had a booth at a boutique and also at a family festival in the last few months. I also had a bunch of orders for the 4th of July (3 dresses, 2 shirts, a mountain of bows, plus outfits for my own kids!) and they turned out SO cute! I'll have to steal some pictures to show you the sweet kids I got to decorate. (Is it inappropriate to "decorate" a child? Ha!)

I do have some projects to show you, so stay tuned!!!!

Thanks for reading. :)

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