Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maycie's car seat

After we found out our baby was a girl last October, I immediately started scoping out all the pink stuff I could find. I love pink. I don't wear a lot of pink, but after living with 2 boys for a few years, all pink and girly became much more appealing. Dustin and I talked about buying a new car seat for this baby, even though we had bought Jayden's thinking we could use it for a girl if we ever needed to. But it just wasn't girly. And I needed girly.

The more I looked at car seats, the less I liked the girly ones. They were so...PINK! Like mushy pink. I like pink. I love pink. But these car seats were too pink. So, I decided I would make a new cover for the car seat we already had.

It took me a while, but I finally found the perfect fabric. It's called Plain Jane by Michael Miller. I picked the aqua and red, and also got some polka dots in the same colors. I've made a canopy for it too, but I don't have any pictures of it.

What do you think? I love it. Much more than I loved any of the pink. I love the colors and that it's girly, but not so girly it would make you puke. That cute baby just makes it even cuter I think.

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  1. LOVE the aqua and red combo! And yes, it's perfectly girly without making you gag! Isn't having a girl SO MUCH FUN??? :)

  2. It came out great! Wonderful job! Baby looks so tiny in there. :)

  3. Love Plain Jane!! My little girl's room is done in Plain Jane Fuchia and a pink/white polka dot, also by Michael Miller! I can't claim the credit for her stuff- only for picking out the fabric and giving it to a friend to sew her bumper, crib sheet, curtains, glider chair cushions and diaper bag!

    Covering a carseat looks complicated, but it looks fantastic!!! I'm hoping to get my friend to make her a dress in the aqua/red Plain Jane sometime soon!

  4. I can NOT believe you actually made this! I mean, I CAN, of course, but for a non sewing wanna be seamstress- it just seems so awfully difficult- that I can't even fathom someone COULD- but you DID- and SOSOSOSOSOSOSO beautifully! Love the fabric and the whole thing is just darling. It would never occur to me in a million years to do this. How did you even figure it out- is there actually a pattern for this- I mean surely you did not just make this thing up! I bet you did, didn't you. I am flabbergasted! I am in awe! I am your newest amazed follower!!!!! (sorry for the excessive amount of exclamation points- if I were a puppy there'd be piddle all over the floor from the excitement of this car seat cover- TMI- I know, but I cannot express how much I ADORE this!!!)And the babies are gorgeous too- just had to say... =0)
    Be blessed.

  5. So, thank you all for reading my little post! I get so excited when I get comments, so even though I'm lame and it's taken me over a month, THANK YOU! I'm thinking about making another and I'll do a tutorial if I do... I swore when I made this that I'd never do it again. I have seriously lost my mind...