Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July ( and 3rd, and 5th...)

The 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays. It's right up there with Christmas. I love the parades and picnics and sunshine. I love celebrating this awesome country that we live in. And I love red, white, and blue. As far back as I can remember, I always tried to make sure I had on red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. And since we live in Utah, I get a little extra dose of it for the 24th of July too. It only makes sense that I was thrilled to dress my kids up for the 4th, right?

Here is Jayden on his first 4th of July. Nothing special, just an outfit from WalMart and a hat that didn't fit.

This is Jayden last year. Again, nothing too fancy, but it was red, white, and blue.

This year, I decided to go all out. 2 kids + a new sewing machine=2 fun 4th of July outfits! You'd think that would be enough for me. No. Never. I also made skirts and appliqued shirts for my friend's girls (Pictures later. When I can steal them from someone else!). Yeah, pretty sure I'm crazy. And I now know why I never made any clothes for Jayden before.

Here is Maycie's dress. I love it! It was far from perfect, but now that I figured it out, I'm going to maker her another.

And here are Jayden's shorts. Cute, right? I made them from a mens 3X shirt because it was the best plaid I could find. And heck, 3x is the same price as a small, but with lots more fabric! I saw a man wearing that shirt. I may have laughed a little. (And possibly pointed.)

At some point when I was making them, I must have forgotten that the kid had a butt... See how straight they are? I didn't make the waist high enough so they were always hanging down funny. And there wasn't much room for a diaper. Maybe I should start using patterns...

And just because I love these faces:
I suppose I'd better explain the title of my post. Since the 4th was a Sunday this year, we pretty much had 3 straight days of celebrations. Saturday we went up to watch the parade with my family and see all of my Dad's side of the family, since they were having a reunion. Saturday night were some UFC fights that my hubby and our friend couldn't miss, so we came home early.

Sunday afternoon we had a barbecue at Dustin's parents' house. We did lots of fireworks there. Those Mellos love their fireworks. A lot. It might not be healthy. Does anyone else in the world have firecracker fights? Didn't think so.

Monday was the parade and fun here, so we braved the crowds for a while and then came home and we all had naptime. Monday night brought us these:

Jayden trying to catch the "far-works"

This past week has been so much fun. Dustin was able to take work off all week, so we slept in til 9 or 10 almost every day. It was no fun sending him back to work tonight, but we sure had a great time having him home. I love that guy. :)


  1. I love the outfits you made for your babies, that is funny that you saw some one wearing the shirt you made Jaydens pants out of. Hee hee, cuteness though. Your blog is super awesome, i love it!

  2. That last pic of Dustin holding Maycie is so sweet. I love pics of Daddies holding their baby girls. :)