Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jayden is walking!!!!

Since Dustin is on his wall move, I thought I'd post some pictures so you all could share this fun with us. Jayden is loving being more mobile and suddenly thinks he's a real big boy now ("I'm a real boy..."). He has also decided that he wants to use his own spoons and forks. I've realized that if I give him his own spoon and feed him as well, he actually eats instead of trying to steal my spoon. He tends to just bang his own spoon around. When he does happen to pick something up with his fork, he pulls it off with his fingers and either eats it or throws it. Needless to say, our days have become a little more hectic and naps are a little more relaxing.
Jayden has also decided that he loves to be outside. Everytime the front door opens, he makes a bee-line for it (is that the phrase?) and is pretty upset if he can't make it. We've been loving this awesome Spring weather! My new magnolia tree suddenly has about a million leaves that weren't there yesterday, our apple tree looks like it's going to be full of blossoms, and our lawn is actually a shade of green!

This is Jayden's new favorite spot. I don't know why he thinks it's so exciting, but he loves to squeeze in there...

I think the only yogurt that actually made it to his face stayed right there...

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