Monday, April 8, 2013

Remembering ME

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Sometimes I forget who I am.
I'm Mommy.
I'm the wife.
I'm the sister, daughter, neighbor, friend.

But I'm also me.

I forget me. I forget the strong, capable woman I am. The confident gal I can be (she doesn't show up often enough).

Most importantly, sometimes I forget I'm a daughter of God. He loves me, no matter how imperfect I am. He doesn't care about the weight I can't lose. My messy hair, my shirt stained with messy kisses and handprints. My sink full of dishes (next to the empty dishwasher. Ha!!).

He cares about my spirit. My loves. The way I treat others. How I teach me kids. What I teach my kiddos.

I don't share personal things on here very often. I don't share anything very often. Ha! But this is MY blog, and I can write about what ever I want, right?! Yes, I can. And so I will. I'm going to share my story. The things I love. Things other than sewing and crafting.

Maybe sharing ME will inspire someone the way I have been inspired lately. I'll share more about that too. :)

So, be nice to yourself!!!!

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